Sell on Amazon?
Do you want your sales to grow up?
But you do not know where else you can attract consumer traffic?

Today we will tell you about one interesting feature of Amazon.

How to get up to 200% increase in sales

If you bought once on amazon, you probably noticed that Amazon after shopping or just after surfing for different goods often sends you letters with different texts and motivations to look and buy some goods that it seems to be interesting to you.

So it is noticed and more than once confirmed in practice that if you periodically change the price of the goods (several times a day - from 4 to 24 times for 0.1 $ - 0.50 $), then amazon attracts a lot of target audience to your listing, and sales can grow to 100%, and some sellers experienced sales growth of up to 200%.

Of course, you can sit and change the price yourself - manually. But it's better to spend this time on more important tasks or even just relax. All work on changing prices can be putted on a service

What else is good about AMZTarget:

- This is one of the most accurate trackers of keywords and listings;

- Has the ability to send notifications about critical changes on listings (loss of BuyBox, Hijacker's appearance, new feedback, change of listing star rating).

- Another important point is that this service can be tried completely free of charge.